Water Resources

Clean water and the resilient infrastructure necessary to deliver it demand integrated professional expertise at every point in the water cycle.  From source-water protection to innovative potable water treatment for emerging contaminants. From reuse and recycling to energy efficient wastewater treatment.  From watershed conservation to innovative groundwater recharge.  From streambank restoration to resilient culvert design.  Our water resources practice blends diverse technical expertise with regulatory and operational insight in the efficient pursuit of clean water.


Water and wastewater infrastructure is a vital component in sustainable communities. Our Water/Wastewater practice has provided leadership in professional services to municipalities, authorities, and utilities for over 45 years.

We offer a complete range of planning, engineering, and construction services.  Our practice is scalable to the demands of a large centralized system utilizing the latest pumping and treatment technologies, to a small private system. Our emphasis is on efficiency, and we understand that operations, maintenance, and compliance reporting are essential needs of a water/wastewater project in addition to design and permitting. We provide operator training and technical support through Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping and asset management.   


Our watersheds face complex challenges. Increased frequency and intensity of severe weather events – both flood and drought – coupled with ever increasing pressure on our land to support more – more people, more food, and more commerce – invariably results in watershed impacts. Our Watersheds practice provides a comprehensive suite of services to address complex watershed challenges.

Watersheds represent the nexus of water and landform and include the diverse and complex interactions of all life within them. Similarly, our Watersheds practice benefits from our organic expertise in critical disciplines in the pursuit of clean water and a resilient infrastructure. 

We integrate civil engineering, hydrology, environmental science, hydrogeology, geotechnical and structural engineering, soil science, geospatial technology, community planning and landscape architecture in complex watershed challenges.  This expertise is enriched by the diverse perspectives of our clients; from cities to suburban and rural municipalities, from institutional campuses to homeowner associations and watershed associations.  

Services Include:

  • Local and Regional Planning
  • Grants and Permitting
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Storage and Distribution Design
  • System Design and Operational Modeling
  • Gravity and Pump Station Conveyance
  • Start-up Planning and Assistance
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Industrial Pretreatment Systems and Programs
  • Infiltration/Inflow Remediation
  • Alternative Wastewater Disposal
  • Gray Water Treatment and Reuse
  • Capital and Operating Budgets
  • Asset Valuation and Financing
  • Rate Studies and Tapping Fee Analyses
  • Source-Water Protection
  • Groundwater Development – Hydrogeology and



  • MS4 Permitting and Pollutant Reduction Plans (PRP)
  • Watershed Assessment and Modeling
  • TMDL Strategy Planning & Implementation
  • Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI)
  • Stormwater Utility Planning
  • Grant Writing and Administration
  • Conservation and Stewardship Planning
  • Stormwater Management Ordinance Development
  • Best Management Practice (BMP) Design, Monitoring & Restoration
  • NPDES Post-Construction Stormwater Management Permitting
  • Natural Channel Design
  • Stream Bank Stabilization & Restoration
  • Floodplain and Riparian Management
  • Bridge and Culvert Design
  • Dam Safety and Reservoirs