Giving Back

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

Every day our team makes improvements to the communities we live and work in, but we are called to do more, to support, volunteer, and donate.  G&A is more than an engineering and consulting firm, we are a team, greater than the sum of our parts, committed to making a difference.  Below are just some of the many organizations we are honored to help support in their mission.

Making the holidays brighter for a child
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund
Earth Day in May
Educational and Recreational Opportunities
Closing the Door on Hunger and Homelessness
Creating joy for a child fighting a critical illness
Ending Child Bedlessness
Impacting the lives of survivors!
Saving lives one pint at a time!
Honoring All Who Serve
Turning shoes and clothing into opportunity
Fun ways to help the Earth
Helping students learn through STEAM!
Helping to conserve and protect our resources
Advancing Women – Advancing Transportation
Strength, Stability, and Self Reliance
Conservation through Cooperation
Leading the Fight Against Hunger
Ending Hunger, Building Community, Transforming Lives
Sharing our knowledge with the next generation
Improving the health of moms and babies
Strengthening neighborhoods through design