Valley View Gravity Drainage Well System

G&A engineers and geologists designed the Valley View Estates gravity drain system to restore hydrologic balance and surface stability. The system includes nine gravity drain wells that recharge stormwater runoff directly into a high capacity bedrock aquifer.  A sophisticated water quality and well field system was installed under G&A’s direction and observation. The design customized the inflow rate of each well to adequately mimic preconstruction natural recharge and maintain aquifer water levels. Working with regulatory agencies, G&A designed the system to use the significant capacity of the limestone aquifer to manage runoff, maintain water quality, and minimize the risk of future sinkhole development. Performance of the system was demonstrated during an eight hour inflow test modeling a potential 100-year storm event. G&A environmental scientists and geologists studied the aquifer’s response to the gravity drain field through quarterly monitoring that included groundwater sampling, water quality analysis, and water level data collection and reporting.


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Trevor Woodward, P.G.
Geotechnical Services Manager

Sean Policelli, P.E.
Senior Project Manager