Treatment Plant Capital Improvements Program

Since 2010 G&A has been assisting Bristol Borough Sewer Authority and BCWSA with the planning and implementation of extensive capital improvements at the Bristol Borough wastewater treatment plant.  This includes the creation of a multi-step renovation and replacement program.  Major projects include replacement of the heat exchanger and gas safety equipment, pumps, control valves, and sludge mixing system to the sludge digesters; replacement of the aging steel control building with a masonry structure with removable metal roof panels; upgrade of the diesel powered standby emergency generators at the treatment plant and pump station; retrofit of the mechanical bar screen and structure at the main pump station.  Additional projects include structural, chlorine building upgrades, chlorine contract tank refurbishing, main electric fuse panel replacement, trickling filter mechanical upgrades, new plant influent fine screen, valve and sampler replacement, and automated security gate installation.  G&A’s responsibilities include planning, design, permitting, preparation of bid documents, administration of bidding, construction administration and observation, grant and loan applications, and start up.



Bristol, PA

Market Segment

Municipal Authority


Alexander Dyke, P.E.
Executive Vice President