MIRIA Funded PFAS Water Main Extensions

In June 2021, Horsham Water & Sewer Authority (HWSA) committed to using MIRIA grant funds to make public water available to Horsham Township residents with detectable levels of PFAS in their wells.

Phase I involved the extension of water mains at several locations within the Township: Watson Avenue, McKean Road, and Welsh Road.  G&A provided survey, design, and permitting of approximately 200 LF of 6″ DIP, 1700 LF of 8″ DIP, and 1600 LF of 12″ DIP.  Phase II included 2500 LF or 8” DIP in Davis Grove Road and Kunz Lane.  In addition, water service, plumbing connections, and well abandonment were provided at approximately twenty homes located along these main extensions.

HWSA has also used MIRIA grant funding to connect over 60 properties to public water where water mains currently exist, but were not previously connected.  Connection to public water can be costly for property owners.  The water contamination at the former Navy and current Air National Guard Bases has created a need to make public water available to the impacted residents.


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