Wilson Run Stream Corridor Restoration

Chesterbrook Trust Parcel 1 Master Association includes nearly nine (9) separate homeowners associations, each with shared oversight of common open space in the planned community of Chesterbrook. In recent years, Chesterbrook Trust Parcel 1, Castlebridge Management, and G&A worked together to systematically correct and restore  stormwater management and habitat issues impacting the Wilson Run, a tributary to the Valley Creek, an Exceptional Value stream.  Nearly 2,200 feet of Wilson Run passes through Chesterbrook Trust Parcel 1 lands.  The latest effort included grant writing, volunteer coordination, and partnership with Trout Unlimited, for the planning, design, and restoration of 800 feet of stream, removal of obstructions, meadow enhancement, and naturalization of the floodplain.  G&A wrote and secured PADEP grant funds, designed the stream restoration, obtained Chapter 105 Joint Permit Approval and Erosion & Sediment Control Permit, managed all contractors, and coordinated the volunteer partnership and stream plantings with Trout Unlimited.


Chesterbrook Trust Parcel 1 Master Association

Chester County, PA

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Sharon Dotts, P.E., CPESC
Senior Project Manager