PFOS/PFOA Consulting and Design Services

G&A has assisted water supply clients including the Horsham Water & Sewer Authority respond to groundwater contamination associated with per- and poly-fluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS), in particular the compounds PFOS and PFOA.  Widely dispersed in areas of southeastern Pennsylvania, these chemicals have impacted both private and public drinking water supplies.  In order to address these emerging concerns, G&A has prepared sampling plans, designed treatment systems for public wells, designed water mains for connection to public water, evaluated remediation studies and source water protection, and assisted with public and regulatory communications.  G&A has helped clients work through construction and operations, including research and pilot studies for groundbreaking resin treatment in potable drinking water supplies. G&A presented their experience in a technical meeting with the PA-American Water Works Association (AWWA) and the Water Works Operators’ Association of Pennsylvania (WWOAP).


Horsham Water & Sewer Authority

Horsham, PA

Market Segment

Municipal Authority


Toby Kessler, P.G.
Environmental Services Manager

Thomas Figaniak, P.E.
Project Manager