WIN Waste Innovations Environmental Consulting

G&A provides engineering and environmental consulting services for WIN Waste Innovations, which operates multiple operating waste-to-energy plants.  G&A reorganized and streamlined the Falls Township, PA facility’s emergency management and spill plans from one large combined plan into several, smaller plans that allowed for more efficient use of the plans by the plant operators and EH&S Manager.  G&A prepared the facility’s 5-year NPDES permit renewal that documented a change in permit requirements from discharging wastewater to discharging only stormwater.   G&A prepared a site characterization pertaining to a release of sodium hypochlorite from an aboveground storage tank and provided a final report documenting completion of the remediation.  G&A prepared a docket application, which was approved by DRBC, for consumptive water use at the waste-to-energy plant.


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Toby Kessler, P.G.
Environmental Services Manager