Waterview Recreation Center Redesign

Waterview Recreation Center is a large recreation and sports facility located in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. The outdoor spaces were last built 50 years ago and in desperate need of renovation.  G&A was contracted to redesign two new basketball courts, stadium seating, two playgrounds, and an adult fitness equipment area.

After much discussion, it was decided that this site would be one of the few completely inclusive playgrounds in Philadelphia.  The site was divided in half, an upper area and a lower area, connected to the other via a curvilinear ADA ramp.  Both inclusive playgrounds feature perimeter walking paths, no enclosed play spaces, 100% accessible play features, and non-threatening colors.


Philadelphia, PA

Market Segment

Parks & Recreation


Kevin Selger, R.L.A., L.L.A., LEED AP®
Director of Landscape Architecture & Planning