Tabor Village Mixed-Use Redevelopment

G&A prepared the site design plans for Tabor Village in Doylestown Township, across from the Doylestown Commerce Center.  The client preserved the existing daycare facility and two office buildings, while renovating the campus to include two new office buildings, totaling 21,000 SF, and a 10,000 SF physical therapy center. The daycare facility is on the national register of historic places, formerly known as the “Fretz Mansion/Manor House.” The facility and the two existing office buildings are being preserved in their redeveloped condition; new roofs will be installed and elevators added for accessibility.

The site design integrates pedestrian walking trails that will provide a scenic view of new landscaped frontages bordered by rain gardens for stormwater management, as well as a meandering trail through a proposed wooded grove.


Tabor Farms, LLC

Doylestown, PA

Market Segment

Commercial / Mixed-Use


Ronald Monkres II, P.E.
Senior Project Manager

Roman Jastrzebski, P.E.
Senior Vice President

Tabor House Building Renovations

G&A provided services in support of the renovations, retrofit, and expansion of the existing daycare facility and two office buildings at Tabor House.

Retrofit services included installation of new elevators, construction of a new elevator pit and enclosure at each location, retrofit of loft areas and office space within the existing building attic, removal of existing columns and replacement of bearing walls with steel beams, lintels and headers, reconfiguration of the existing roof support structure at each building, renovation of floor space to “open up” closed or small spaces into larger more user friendly and practical spaces.  Work was performed for Green Street as part of a Design-Build Contract with 4B Construction Corp.  The site has undergone further development and construction of additional buildings and site features.