Pennypack Pedestrian Bridge Reconstruction Design

The Pennypack Pedestrian Bridge, constructed in the 1950’s, is a pedestrian connection between the neighborhoods on either side of the Pennypack Creek and the Pennypack Elementary School. The bridge needed replacement and was not accessible.  The project stakeholders, the Borough of Hatboro and Hatboro Horsham School District, engaged G&A to replace the existing bridge with a new, reconfigured, and accessible bridge.  G&A provided services for the entire project from conception through construction including: planning, grant preparation and administration, survey, hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, permitting, design, bid document preparation, bidding support, construction administration and observation, and project management.

G&A also assisted with funding acquisition on behalf of the Borough of Hatboro and Hatboro Horsham School District from the Department of Community and Economic Development via a Multimodal Transportation Grant that covered 70% of the construction costs. Design of the bridge included reconfiguration and reconstruction of the abutments, span, and approaches to provide accessibility while not impacting the creek base flood elevation.


Hatboro Borough

Hatboro, PA

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James Dougherty, P.E.
Senior Project Manager