Naturalized Basin Inspections

The intention of this project was to provide opportunities to convert the existing dry detention basins to more robust naturalized basins with native vegetation. The goal was to further enhance the overall stormwater management system in the Township, be more environmentally sound, increase the Best Management Practice (BMP) effectiveness value of each basin, and provide  opportunities for the Township to maximize stormwater credits for their Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) and Pollution Reduction Plan (PRP).  Another goal of the program was to reduce mowing, significantly decreasing the costs of labor, equipment, and fuel for the Township.  Between 2009 and 2017, 66 basins were evaluated and over 60 basins were added into the program, ultimately minimizing the carbon footprint of the Township.

G&A is continuing to monitor and inspect the basins to ensure that they are functioning as designed, and that invasive vegetation is being properly controlled and eradicated.


Montgomery Township

Montgomery Township, PA


Judith Stern Goldstein, R.L.A., ASLA
Senior Project Manager

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