Montgomery Township Comprehensive Plan

As per the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, comprehensive plans are required to be reviewed at least every ten years. Recognizing a need to update the 2008 Montgomery Township Comprehensive Plan, and in response to the region’s anticipated growth, the Township undertook a program to review the existing land use patterns.  G&A collaborated with Township staff and the Planning Commission in preparing specific studies of land use, housing, transportation, community facilities, natural, cultural, and historic resources, and utilities specific to the Township. These  studies included an inventory, goals, objectives, and implementation strategies, as well as a discussion of the interconnectedness of the plan with the county, region, and surrounding municipalities.  As part of the process, G&A facilitated a public outreach program that included regular Comprehensive Plan Study Committee meetings, an on-line community survey, a public visioning session, and providing content for the Township website and social media accounts on a regular basis to keep the public informed and engaged.  The Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2022.


Montgomery Township

Montgomery Township, PA

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Judith Stern Goldstein, R.L.A., ASLA
Senior Project Manager