Lower Nazareth Township Official Map Preparation

An Official Map is a planning tool that identifies specific parcels or portions of private property in a municipality where public rights-of-way, public easements, or public open spaces are envisioned.

G&A prepared this Official Map based upon elements and goals identified in the Comprehensive Plan adopted by Lower Nazareth Township and the Nazareth Area Council of Governments and also upon significant coordination with Township staff, boards, and commissions and public engagement.  The map provides designation of parcel boundaries, public recreation land, Township facilities, public paths, existing roadway classifications, and proposed greenways to be reserved for open space.  The Map and Ordinance were adopted in December 2020 and will serve as the Township’s declaration to reserve private land for future public acquisition and use.


Lower Nazareth Township

Nazareth, PA

Market Segment



Judith Stern Goldstein, R.L.A., ASLA
Senior Project Manager