JP Express Trucking Land Development

G&A performed an environmental site assessment and geotechnical exploration for this land development project located on a former quarry. Due to uncontrolled filling of the quarry, a ground improvement program was necessary to prepare the site for building construction. To address soil challenges identified during the exploration, the program consisted of both static (preloading) and dynamic compaction. During the preloading, plates were installed and monitored via field survey to track the progress of the settlement. The preloading program has since been completed and the site is currently undergoing dynamic compaction.   G&A navigated the permitting approval associated with the filling of the quarry in order to proceed with and complete the ground improvement program.

Concurrently with the ground improvement, land development plans were prepared, including site layout, grading, stormwater runoff & conveyance, erosion and sedimentation control, landscaping, lighting, truck/emergency vehicle turning maneuvers, and sanitary sewer design and permitting.


North Star Construction Management

Alburtis, PA


Sean Policelli, P.E.
Senior Project Manager

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