Elmwood Park Zoo Retaining Wall Design

G&A provided complete segmental retaining wall design services in support of a significant parking expansion at the Elmwood Park Zoo. The overall project added hundreds of new paved guest parking spaces and included new concrete and timber walkways and associated landscape and stormwater management improvements. G&A performed analyses and prepared construction drawings for the 11 geogrid reinforced segmental retaining walls in accordance with the National Concrete Masonry Association guidelines. With maximum wall heights exceeding 16 feet, critical sections were also evaluated for global stability. In total the walls spanned over 2,500 feet in length and over 21,000 SF of wall area across the sloping topography. Project specific design elements included tiered and sloped wall sections, complex alignments, and a unique detail to support a boardwalk structure at the top of a wall.

Scott Contractors, Inc.

Norristown, PA



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Trevor Woodward, P.G.
Geotechnical Services Manager