Clearbrook Village New and Replacement Water Main

In 2021, Horsham Water & Sewer Authority completed the construction of a water main project in Linda Lane and the Clearbrook Village neighborhood in Horsham Township.  This work included the replacement of 6-inch water main in St. David’s Place, Diane Avenue, Lorna Road, Marilyn Drive, and Linda Lane with new 8-inch water main, and connections to existing water main in County Line Road.  The project also included the installation of new water main to eliminate three dead ends in this area of the system.  Overall, G&A completed survey, design, and PADEP and PennDOT permitting for construction of approximately 7,900 linear feet of 8-inch DIP water main, replacing unlined cast iron water main and improving hydraulics in the distribution system.

In addition to producing construction documents, G&A provided engineering services during bidding and construction, including construction observation, for this project.


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Alexander Dyke, P.E.
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