Central Bucks School District Playground Improvements

Since 2020, G&A has been working with CBSD to prepare conceptual plans and construction documents for the renovation of outdoor spaces throughout the district.  Projects include playground renovations to improve accessibility, safety, aesthetics, and user experience.  These renovations include Groveland Elementary School, Buckingham Elementary School, Cold Spring Elementary School, Barclay Elementary School, Simon Butler Elementary School, and Pine Run Elementary School. 

We have also worked with the district on preparing concept plans to enhance various outdoor spaces at Central Bucks South High School (Outdoor Amphitheater Space) and outdoor classroom spaces at Cold Spring and Bridge Valley Elementary Schools.

Designing these spaces with an eye towards aesthetics, function, constructability, and cost has led to the implementation of successful outdoor spaces throughout the district.

Central Bucks School District

Bucks County, PA

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Christopher Green, R.L.A., LEED AP®
Senior Landscape Architect