Amtrak Track Monitoring Survey

G&A was contracted by Henkels & McCoy, Inc. to monitor an Amtrak track crossing during a directional bore and conduit placement in Falls Township, Bucks County, PA.

The crossing covers 4 tracks (8 rails) to be monitored before, during, and after the directional bore.  This involved the placement of 104 prisms mounted to the rails for an approximate 200’ section of track.  Readings were taken before construction, several times during the bore, immediately after the bore, and for several days after. These tracks are used by Amtrak, Acela, and SEPTA trains and due to the nature and volume of use, most of the monitoring was done at night.

During the actual bore, spreadsheets were generated and immediately given to the Track Foreman to check for any movement and ensure compliance within tolerance.


Henkels & McCoy, Inc.

Fairless Hills, PA


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