Bark(ing) Day 2016


Gilmore & Associates, Inc. has once again been offered the opportunity to participate in the global event, known as Park(ing) Day. Every year the team of G&A landscape architects and designers dedicate their creativity to the transformation of a single Philadelphia parking space into a public park for only one day. Friday, September 16th is the date when over fifty of these small interactive parks are expected to pop up throughout the streets of Philadelphia and hundreds will be created all over the world. The message: open spaces are critical to the quality of urban human habitat, and there is a need for more public open space.


This year’s G&A “PUP-UP” Park will again be located on 17th Street, between Market Street and Chestnut Street in Center City, just outside the Shops at Liberty Place.  Our team of landscape architects and designers at G&A not only design parks and trails throughout the City and surrounding suburbs for people to use, but they also design dog parks for our furry friends.  We have teamed up with a local animal adoption organization, Wet Nose Rescue. They will be bringing by dogs to play in our mini dog park.  All of these dogs will be available for adoption.  Passersby are welcome to take a paws from their busy day, sit and relax, strike up a conversation with a fellow Philadelphian, or unwind and join in some good ol’ fashioned fun playing with these lovable animals that need a fur-ever home. The park will feature K-9 Grass, an artificial grass designed specifically for dogs, re-purposed lumber and other construction materials for fencing, cardboard tubes for decorations, and of course DOGS! Dogwoods and other shrubs, ornamental grasses, and some flowers will help soften the edges of the animal kingdom and provide a pleasing backdrop for what is sure to be an exciting day.


About Wet Nose Rescue: Wet Nose Rescue works hard to help those who are unable to help themselves.  Their goal is to help abandoned dogs and puppies that would otherwise be euthanized or subject to a life in extremely poor conditions, unloved, and neglected.  They work with overcrowded shelters that receive little in the way of funding to house, feed, and provide the necessary medical care for their dogs and puppies.  Wet Nose Rescue tries hard to find permanent, caring families who will appreciate the love that a rescue dog can provide.  Wet Nose Rescue is completely foster based and while they do not have a physical shelter where they kennel dogs, they do have an adoption center where the dog transports arrive, dog training is done, and where adopters can purchase any supplies they may need such as crates, collars, leashes, and dog beds.  Wet Nose Rescue is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization and is incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania, all contributions are tax deductible. Please visit their website www.wetnoserescue.org for more information and to make a donation. 

Stop by on September 16th and you’ll be surprised by the impact a small public green space, even one as small as 170 square feet, can make.

Park(ing) Day Philadelphia Map

G&A Park(ing) Day 2015

G&A Park(ing) Day 2015