Sinkhole Emergency Leads to Stream Stabilization

Reoccurring sinkhole activity within a seasonally active stream bed and floodplain was impacting stream health and threatening nearby infrastructure.  After an initial sequence of permitted emergency repairs were performed following a significant subsidence event , G&A initiated a Joint Permit application with the intention of lining the impacted reach of stream.  While absolute remediation is nearly impossible in active karst geology, a geosynthetic clay liner system was proposed in an effort to minimize vertical water loss and reduce the risk and frequency of future subsidence.

To facilitate this approach G&A performed survey, prepared application documents, and coordinated with representatives from the PADEP, Northampton County Conservation  District, and the Army Corps of Engineers.

Following regulatory approval G&A managed bid solicitation and provided construction oversight throughout the field activities.  The work was completed in the summer of 2016 in conjunction with seasonally dry stream conditions.