US Squash Center at Drexel Armory

As part of the redevelopment of a historic armory building into a state-of-the-art national center for Squash, significant interior renovations were proposed. These renovations introduced new structural elements and loads to the existing foundation system within the armory basement. To accommodate the new loads a specialty deep foundation design/build contractor was brought in to design and install micropiles at 33 individual column locations. Micropiles were drilled, cased, and grouted shafts that transfer foundation loads to higher strength strata at depth. Each existing foundation column was augmented with 4 micropiles engineered to extend through fill and alluvial soils and a minimum of 9 feet into dense weathered schist bedrock.

G&A’s services in support of this effort included special inspections, confirmation and documentation of pile depth and stratigraphy, as well as grout placement and compressive strength. G&A’s experienced and technically proficient field and office personnel were able to work closely with developers and contractors to facilitate installation and documentation of specialty foundation systems.


Drexel University

Philadelphia, PA

Market Segment



Trevor Woodward, P.G.
Geotechnical Services Manager