Doylestown Township Ordinance Updates

G&A completed significant amendments to both the Zoning and Subdivision Land Development Ordinances. Updates to the Zoning Ordinance included preparing new provisions for electric
vehicle charging stations, amendments to definitions such as “family” and “dwelling unit” bringing the ordinance into compliance with current ADA and HUD Fair Housing regulations; addressing short-term rentals; creating a new “Motor Vehicle Fueling Center and Retail Shop” use, “Municipal Overlay District”, and an “Accessory Family Apartment” use; updated use and area/dimensional regulations regarding “Manufactured Home Communities”; and miscellaneous regulation updates regarding accessory use, parking, landscaping/buffer, and the keeping of animals.

Updates to the SALDO included regulation amendments to the plan submission/approval process and to address digital submissions and current standards; landscape; miscellaneous stormwater management; and updates to definitions for consistency among other codes/ordinances in the Township.

Doylestown Township

Doylestown, PA

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Judith Stern Goldstein, R.L.A., ASLA
Senior Project Manager