Colonial Middle School Site Design

G&A, working with KCBA Architects, provided site design and construction management services for the new 3-story 126,000 SF middle school building.  The project involves demolition of the existing middle school and construction of the new school, parking, utilities, grading, new athletic fields, design of several big block retaining walls, and stormwater management facilities.  Stormwater management facilities include above and below ground Stormwater Best Management Practices.  G&A prepared the stormwater management design and erosion and sediment control design and helped to obtain Township and Montgomery County Conservation District (MCCD) approvals. G&A worked closely with the design team and MCCD to prepare a phasing plan that satisfied Erosion and Sediment Control standards while allowing construction to proceed in a timely manner.  G&A also provided geotechnical design for the big block retaining walls and prepared a hydrologic and hydraulic study of the tributary stream at the downstream corner of the site to meet Township  ordinance requirements for impacts to floodplains.

This is a multi-faceted project and G&A was recently awarded additional services to design a new synthetic athletic track, update the football field, and field event facility.


KCBA Architects

Plymouth Meeting, PA

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Andrew Schanck, P.E.
Project Manager