Center for Autism Inclusive Play Space Design

The Public Health Management Corporation’s Center for Autism serves exceptional individuals from small children to young adults. A new play space was designed to be inclusive and user friendly, but still provide a variety of activities and stimulating challenges. The selected play equipment offers opportunities for exploring visual and sensory stimulations, engaging in social interactions, and improving motor skills. The overall site design incorporates different programs to create space for play, dining, exploration, and refuge.

The entrance design features a new ADA ramp connecting from the south entrance steps to the entrance gate of the playground. An 8’ walkway is also located adjacent to the ramps as a secondary route for access. The looped walkway offers users the ability to decide where they feel safe and comfortable entering the play space. It also provides continuous walking activity to alleviate discomfort that can arise from certain situations or over-stimulation. Understanding the site’s specific user needs allows the design intent to focus on creating a space that is inviting, inclusive, and filled with opportunities for self-development.


Fifteen Architecture + Design on behalf of Public Health Management Corporation

Philadelphia, PA

Market Segment

Parks & Recreation


Kevin Selger, R.L.A., L.L.A., LEED AP®
Vice President