Banko Beverage Redevelopment

Project Location:

South Whitehall Township, Lehigh County, PA
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In 2013, G&A embarked on an expansion project for one of the top selling domestic beer distributors, Banko Beverage Co.  The project allowed Banko to expand the company’s headquarters from 80,000 to 125,000 SF.  Based on extensive experience and attention to detail, the G&A team surveyed and assembled redevelopment plan layouts to fit what Banko needed to increase their business operations.  An old trucking terminal was redesigned, paving specifications and modifications were generated as well as parking realignments that cater to the transportation needs of the facility.  Keeping the natural environment in mind, erosion control, a Phase I Site Assessment, and Geotechnical Assessment were other important components of the project.  Precise planning and design was generated to fulfill Banko’s business needs and the potential for further property development.