Pennypack Pedestrian Bridge Reconstruction Design

The Borough residents, students, parents, and school district are thrilled to have a safe bridge to cross everyday.   The engineering lesson was not lost on the students of Pennypack Elementary School who were there to watch the new bridge being installed.  

The Pennypack Pedestrian Bridge, constructed in the 1950’s, is a pedestrian connection between the neighborhoods on either side of the Pennypack Creek and the Pennypack Elementary School.  The bridge was in desperate need of repair.  G&A performed funding acquisition on behalf of the Borough of Hatboro and Hatboro Horsham School District from the DCED via a Multimodal Transportation Grant that accounted for 70% of the construction costs.  The Borough and the School District split the remaining 30% of the construction costs as well as all engineering fees.  The work performed consisted of all labor, equipment, and materials to remove the existing bridge and its foundations, install the new weathering steel bridge and its foundations, and related sidewalk work to ensure the creek crossing was ADA compliant.  Other services included traffic control, E&S measure installation and removal, and restoration of lawn and landscape areas.  The new weathering  steel bridge was manufactured by Contech and CMR Construction was the contractor.