G&A Celebrates National Community Planner Month

In honor of National Community Planner Month G&A recognizes our team of Community Planners. From land use and feasibility studies to comprehensive plans and zoning revisions, our G&A Community Planners advise clients to include generous amounts of public input and to sustain open lines of communication.

As state by the American Planning Association, “Planners work to improve the well-being of all people living in our communities by taking a comprehensive perspective. This approach leads to safer, resilient, more equitable, and more prosperous communities.” Planning is more important than ever, as we continue to navigate through this pandemic.

“For me, what it means to be a community planner is right there in the title – community. It’s about assisting the community in realizing their vision for the future and then providing them with the information and steps needed to attain that future vision. A community is more than its elected officials and everyone deserves to feel heard and included in decisions that impact where they live, work, and play. If I’m doing my job right then that is exactly how they feel.”

Stacy Yoder, AICP

“Being a community planner gives me the opportunity to help as many people as possible; to make real and lasting change supported by the people who need and want it most. There’s really no better way to live than to live in the service of others and planning gives me that opportunity every day.”

Kent Baird, AICP

“To me, a community planner is like a professional puzzler. We are given the chance to see a community from a bird’s eye view – and at the same time – as each individual puzzle piece. It’s the planners job to see how the pieces can fit in a way that helps everyone – big and small – to make a community the best it can be. And if you do it right, it forms a picture you would want to live in!”

Elizabeth Rosencrans, Junior Planner