Crow Creek Trail Progress!

Construction of the Crow Creek Trail system started in 2020.  G&A, along with Campbell Thomas & Co. and A.D. Marble, designed the  remaining segments of the trail creating a continuous recreational path that will provide a scenic alternative to vehicle trips.  The trail will meander alongside Crow Creek providing a beautiful setting for bicycling, walking, and running between various community facilities.  The project involves construction of a multi-use trail comprised primarily of asphalt.  A section of the trail near the Upper Merion Community Center will be a raised boardwalk trail traversing steep slopes where the constructability of a paved trail would be extremely costly and enlarge the limit of disturbance.  The project also proposes stormwater management to offset increased runoff that will be generated by the paved surface, pedestrian bridges crossing Crow Creek, and several new or improved pedestrian crosswalks.  The resulting path will complete the link between the King of Prussia Mall and the Schuylkill River Trail, as well as the countywide circuit, for pedestrians to use as a safe alternative to the existing congested system of roads.

Photos illustrate the excavation and completion of an infiltration bed; a stabilized trailside infiltration basin; the rough grading for the future asphalt multi-use trail through the Upper Merion Community Center; and the initial grading of the trail approaching the south pedestrian bridge crossing.  Stay tuned for warmer weather, sunnier days, and more Crow Creek Trail updates!